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Types of Hurricane Protection

Accordion Shutters

  • Folding aluminum shutters
  • Permanently affixed to the home
  • Easy to operate
  • Middle of the road in pricing
  • Florida Building Code approved, HVHZ approved
  • Operable from inside or outside
  • Warranted for Five years

Bahama Shutters

  • Louvered aluminum awnings
  • Top of the price hierarchy
  • Can be custom colored to homeowner’s choice
  • FBC and HVHZ approved
  • Warranted for five years
  • May require two people to deploy
  • Style options are available

Colonial Shutters

  • Remain on the home and act as an aesthetic improvement, much like a Bahama shutter
  • All the same applies to Colonial shutters as Bahama shutters
  • Usually installed on the front elevation only
  • Operable from inside or outside of the home
  • Top of the price hierarchy

Hurricane / Security Screen

  • Hurricane protection, security, solar screen, bug screen, and privacy
  • Provides effortless hurricane protection and security 24/7
  • Constructed of stainless steel mesh, however it is powder coated to allow for visibility
  • The screen is barely noticeable from the inside looking out
  • Barely noticeable from the outside of the home as well!
  • Has never been rejected from an HOA, and is approved by the Florida energy council
  • Can be used on the following: Single hung windows, fixed windows, horizontal rollers and some awning windows
  • Can be installed as a screen door or used as a patio enclosure (not a screen cage or pool cage)
  • Can be installed over a sliding door but does not offer hurricane impact protection


  • Flexible hurricane protection
  • Engineered to withstand Category 5 wind loads and impact
  • Engineered above any storm panel requirements
  • Constructed of a polypropylene mesh
  • 10 year product warranty
  • Popular amongst younger buyers, easily encloses patios, porches, lanais, entryways, breezeways etc.
  • A simple alternative to satisfying insurance requirements especially useful in covering garage doors
  • Allows for egress on sliding door or inswing doors

Impact windows

  • Constructed of laminate glass; three or four layers create an impact rated window
  • Aluminum or vinyl frame
  • Energy star approved or energy efficient (not the same)
  • Great for window replacements, if a homeowner elects to replace their windows, they must have code approved hurricane protection or hurricane windows
  • Labor warranty is five years
  • Product warranty is through the manufacturer
  • Impact French Doors, Sliding doors, and almost any type of windows except for awning windows
  • Top of the price hierarchy

Roll-up Shutters

  • One of the oldest forms of security and hurricane protection
  • Motorized, manual or both
  • Once they get past a certain size a motor is required
  • AHP’s roll-ups can span the greatest distance!  24’6” (largest in the industry)
  • Double walled aluminum slat, and end-retention style
  • No storm bars
  • Motors are capable of lifting up to 1200lbs
  • Five year warranty on product and motors
  • Several styles are built in house

Storm Panels

  • Basic impact protection
  • Deployed in the event of a storm
  • Not recommended for 2nd floor installations
  • Two year warranty on labor and product
  • Easy do it yourself project, however we always sell the EZ-screen instead, it is less costly and better for the end user
  • Aluminum, Clear, Steel
  • We do not install steel, we will sell for cash and carry only

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